PERFECT DESIGN THEORY...  Theory of Perfect Design (1) How did it start

How did our universe all start.The right answer?

How did it all start?

TTOPD  specifies; There is no  universe formed a single source of energy. Where  there is not universe,  here is a "state." Where there is a state infinity cannot prevail, only another state may exist;  hence there is no such thing as infinity, only a different state.There is no relevancy to ponder about such other states which may or may not exist except our own; which we know to be real. Our whole universe is turning/moving aground a back drop, which is not, and thus since we have no reference of such a backdrop ; such does not mean ti does not exist. One thing is true if the active “universe"  as a whole is also turning  or  moving within a “state” then in fact a whole lot of issues which could not be adequately  explained  can now be readily  explained; we all know what eddies, whirlpools and tidal surges can do in the real world; now image the same in space  except there is no water. 

We live in a perfect world - TTOPD says so.