Theory of perfect design;Perfect World

PERFECT DESIGN THEORY...  Theory of Perfect Design (1) How did it start

The Theory of Perfect Design (TTOPD)(©1998)

Supporting Hypothesis “Perficio Universitas”(Perfect World) and 

Prima Vita (First Life) 

1st Draft: 2014

By Davide Giovanni Papa

Melbourne Australia 

Periods in time defined herein follow approximate values to describe an ‘era’ rather than actual years;if the assumption are wrong as to periods in time specified, then inserting the “right” timeline should have no changing effects to what is being stated. 

Following current understandings may either  be accepted by TTOPD after being tested, or dismissed outright as being flawed.

References tied to Biblical times are apparent as circumstantial “evidence” of human pathology and development in  such a period in time, is only assumed. Likewise the  mention of Ancient Rome in where very detailed records of a period in time, can be relied upon as being very factual, on most accounts.  

These two periods in time  gives us a respectable “5000” year span to rely upon in describing how humanity changed within such a time span.This is an important aspect of human development because it defines capabilities and thought process accurately as applied by the hominid species over a “5000” year period.

65 Million years defines the premise in where Dinosaurs became extinct and 4 billion years is assumed as being the  period in time  when the planet Earth commenced eventuation.

As for grammatical and spelling mistakes on this first time draft release of TTOPD, such will be complete over time as  the first draft will need added works as selected passages are taken from various volumes to TTOPD. 

The work offered is done so by a person who has not completed  junior school, is not a scientist, and is offered  wholly based on thought, as such, some latitude and added considerations  are  sought from those who do read TTOPD.This is the first time  such a hypothesis if offered in writing online.

I am providing a viable alternative scenario to current understandings, by challenging conventional views, on the subject matter, unlike ever presented before, on how the universe was formed and how civilisation has come to be by finding thought on what has already been offered in rejecting such. In this sense the workings of an  “adverse hypothesis” is offered in where flaws or suspect findings, found via current assumptions are challenged. In essence no new discoveries are being offered under TTOPD, but rather, what has been already said  about the topic is being  challenged and in doing so produces the net effect of the TTOPD. 

We live in a perfect world. It is people of this time  who are changing this aspect, for the worse; nevertheless even this aspect has purpose. A good story is offered; or something more, only time will tell.

Davide Giovanni Papa


This is a study in where direct routes through history must support the premise; accordingly matters of religion and race are only  specified to support the premise and are offered with good intent and without prejudice. The term evolution is not often used as TTOPD does not accept such a premise which  states all living things are interconnected;and in where all such living things  share a common ancestor.TTOPD states this is untrue.   


Knowing from where the origins of hominids have eventuated  is  the second biggest question of all time. This publication and supporting hypothesis also deals with the first big question. 

How did the universe come to be.


The terms “design” as  used in TTOPD is specific. 

It denotes that no supreme being or life force is needed to create a form carrying design, hence if this it true, then from one design form other non animated designs are able to come forth as well, in where animation becomes evident later. 

If animation is able to be produced  from an innate design form, then life is able to be produced as well on the very same basis.

“To demonstrate how Iron ore and other material is able to produce a car is easy. To show how perhaps a design carrying shape of a flower or tree produced first animated life is not so easy.”


TTOPD defines that only a “product” carrying original design does in itself move forward from its original form. 

Lava spews out of a Volcano and large rocks are formed. Wind, rain and time causes such a rock to roll and smash itself to the valley floor below in where millions of years later such rocks becomes pebbles. 

Those pebbles were formed not of a supreme being nor force applied by an intelligent design form; such were made as a direct result of the original design form of the rock, which eventually smashed its way to the valley floor. Once a design form is apparent, then expectation and results will become self apparent as well. What happens if the premise is worked back from the lava flow, could it always step by step, lead back to another product carrying design, until finally the very first product made up of matter carrying design becomes apparent. I.e: Design as per its form or shape has specific purpose of being.

Earth’s core has at its centre the much illusive “dark matter”  Shifting plates are nonsensical aspects and that Mountains ranges are formed by other means. Earth crust displacement is not possible and melting Poles due  to climate a change as aspects of climate change itself under TTOPD also makes not sense. TTOPd states that there is not missing link, because no “link” is apparent for it to be  missing. TTOPD states as much and much more. 


It has been said today that amphibians left the  water to live on land some 350 Million years ago. The cold blooded species especially that of the lizard family came forth onto land in this period of time. Such said premises and many others “do not fit” into the TTOPD model as such a different perspective to origins is now offered. But such understanding pertaining to timeline may be very apparent by using nothing more than logical steps used in forming TTOPD. We as human as are a single species taking 206 steps to form.Our own species came from a particular species which emanated around 8.24 million years ago. 

Going back in time using a selected design form as the basis , will lead to the optional design form, like wise working out the attributes of any design form always defines to provide a forward movement in time. Thus  looking back in time , reveals a forward movement of such a period in time.

“From that which once was, gives up that of which we are, and of what we will become.”

Imagine: A  red light emanating from a planetary body some 25 light years away is going to be turned on exactly at midnight and turned off 1 second later, as per Earth timeline, then by the time the red light is able to be seen on Earth,the red light would have turned off long before. To the entity turning on the light, the timeline is ‘present’ to the entity accepting visual confirmation of the red light,from the perspective of the first, the timeline is the future in where the turning off of the red light at the same time is an attribute of an event already past. The future and past are therefore one. 

If the universe  has a starting point, then such a starting point is said to have already past when taken from the perspective of Earth, but material or matter and all by products of such   eventuated at the ‘start’ may still be travelling  in space long after Earth was formed. Scientists have been  trying to find “universal  conception”  while assuming that material formed  at conception is still moving forward in where if found , would deliver the answers on how the universe eventuated.

In effect we needs to travel into an unknown future first to find the means in being able to  discover the material long past;in the realm that is space. In effect scientists are wasting their time, because what is being suggested is improbable to begin with thanks  to the nature of time and application of mathematics. 

In other words, when a stating premise is wrong, then wrong results will eventuate in the ultimate thought process being applied in matters of discovery, more so when the maths used, bears  belief that the maths created by man on Earth is some kind of universal language. Has anyone considered the idea that the maths used, as  created by man is not “universal” and  carries within its field of  applications that we humans only assume are correct?

Let take the numerical use of ‘Zero’(0)

TTOPD  specifies that there is no such thing as “nothing” in the real world’s pertaining to that of Earth or the Cosmos,  therefore how can a number like ‘Zero’ have conceptual ‘value’, coincidently  such a number is also associated as being bedfellow of infinity, which TTOPD also declares invalid. 

Infinity is also not an aspect that can be used because infinity is not quantifiable, jut like  ‘Zero’ hence infinity cannot exist either. 

In essence TTOPD will need to prove that Zero and infinity do not exist, and  in  doing so, in its place a product carrying visual or ostensible design will always exist. 

There is always ‘something’ and never ‘nothing.’

TTOPD is clearly stating that all  things whether living on static have design and thus the common factor amongst all such ‘products’
is that any design carrying form, is a natural result of a process and that once a process has produced a form carrying design, the design ‘naturally’ takes over in eventuating its final form, from the original form.

TTOPD is literally saying  that once an intangible form carrying design eventuates, that that form takes over and develops into a viable tangible  product. When many tangible products come together other design forms eventuate. There is no purpose as the course of matter forming is self determined and independent.The is no “interconnection” because of this independent aspect of all thing static and or active.


Purpose only becomes  apparent once life design form becomes evident.  

Rule: An original  design once formed  cannot return to the state from whence it came.


Note: This is a very important rule. A rule found by accident many years ago actually conceived TTOPD.  This rule eliminates all matters of “Start Trek” like conceptual aspects of time travel and in particular supports the concept that transportation of solid matter from one place to another is not possible;and is supported by another verifiable rule related  to the process of replication and duplication.

The size of rock , the  makeup of a whole rock carries its own capability to change its form simply because of what it is and the environment of support it find itself in. 

The purpose of the rock in an appropriate circumstances inter alia; is to make pebbles to line a yet to be formed river bed. 

The action of the rock therefore adds to contribute in making a  bed, for a river to form at a later time. A type of bed which suites the holding and flowing of water. Hence the rock and later the river, the water in it, will carry all element pertaining to form and design.The rough surface of river bed or rough surface of skin found wrapped around a shark, the effect of water on these surfaces have become apparent. Efficient use of design is therefore efficient use of material once formed, which compliments purpose. 

Most see rock, water and river and look towards the composition and formation of such. 

I see composition and formation, aspects of engineering in an environment of support(EVS)and purpose.I see conception, eventuation and eventual declination.I see this and more from the formation of simple  rock ,from a simple boulder, from a mountain and the valley below such. I can even see formation of life may be associated with the support of that rock. I see factor of “design” and “form” everywhere; from a simple rock,to a leaf, twig, ant, whale and even an electron or molecule;the one single factor that always prevails are matters of shape and of design.

The rock also forms fine particles so that plants can take root along a river, and hence contributes directly in supporting creatures which may take up habitation along its bank. 

The one action of the Volcano erupting may incept many other by products and also  change environment of support with each eruption over time. No Supreme being, no acts of randomness, no force applied by another party planned, directed nor created such an event. The action of erupting volcano alone is not enough to create a flowing river as other corresponding and supporting  factor of “Environment of Support” (RVS) needs to also be apparent, in where once apparent, the matter of  purpose become apparent. 

The nature of the product  being the rock,  dictates its own course only after inception. Conception of the rock occurred at the moment lava  became evident. Pre conception of the subsequent  river bed was determined when the Volcano it self was formed.

To go further back in time in this once scenario ,we then need to look at  preconception ,conception and inception of volcanos. 

For instance, the idea that molten metal makes up the core. 

TTOPD does not support such in that a small part of the inner core contain dense  dark matter not molten metal. The very dense dark matter scientist think only exist in the galaxy defined as  ‘black holes.’ 

If TTOPD is right and that the core is made up in part of dark matter, we know have a whole lot of reliable mathematical  formulations  based on as aspects of  ‘pressure’ and ‘heat’ enacting within an environment devoid of air, just like that of space ,situated  on Earth. If dark matter is found to exist in the near centre of the core, there goes all other theories of “formation” and added theories attached: I.e: Einstein’s Earth crust displacement theory.

If this one  displacement theory is lost,then the use of the term  “super continent” and the theory supporting such a formation is also instantly made obsolete.     

I call these dismissive attributes the  ‘In Trinity’ application of describing all events in a manner which ensures all situations can be explained which carries some kind of scientist understanding, all formation in design carries whiting its bounds 3 very specific actions  before a fourth action I could become viable. Ti get into an “In trinity”  stage of formation, it must be demonstrated that how from “one’ comes  “two”  in where from two a third form is possible.If a “third” form is possible than a liner aspect of a time lime and of development is able to be formulated regardless if we delving into matters of Life or formation of the Cosmos. 

TTOPD does not categorise periods in time except for purpose of showing such a  timeline in the overall scheme of things. The attempt to  match of species by scientist to an actual exact timelines I think is a big mistakes as the actual variables are too great, as the species although formed within period of time were found under TTOPD  to meander within such and often beyond such timelines.

Notes : 

  1. Category (Homo Sapien) I.e: Cretaceous,Eocene,Oligocene.etc
  2. Category (Animal Species Vertebrae) I.e: Paleozoic, Mezozoic. etc

Pre determination of all events  pertains directly to a particular design form in that; once such a form is evident in physical form,the from itself is able to  direct proceedings thereafter as it applies to the environment of support on a planet such as Earth which cannot be replicated. 

The word replicated  means “exact replication" not just to the visual aspects of a  tangible design form, but inside the form as well, hence the term “copy” or ‘duplication’ when used in TTOPD does not replace to  mean “replicate.”

A large box wrapped in brown paper and tried with twine and tape. The material making the up ‘box’ design is a product. The paper it is wrapped with is also a product. The twine and tape  are each  a product. The tree which produced the paper, is also a product of the box( preconception of the box) The factory making the box at the time its produced is the time of conception. The use of the box is incepted for the first time for purpose , then reused there after ( eventuation) until  is self destructs or is destroyed (declination).  All such products also associated with this box,  also carry design. 

The big box is opened. It has nothing in it which can been seen or is tangible; but it’s not empty. It has space. This space is also a “product”  as is the temperature in the box and the light inside the box whether opened or not. 

Rule:Where there seems to be nothing, something always exists. 

  1. Hence the formal term describing design I.e: Purpose or planning that exists behind an action, fact, or object: The appearance of design in the universe  not attributed to a supreme being.
  2. Under TTOPD: The term “planned" is omitted and the term “purpose” replaces it. There is no place for the term  “planning” in TTOPD, because if a product can be incepted , it will be incepted as product of the original design.A by product of an original design adheres to the same rules on Earth.   
  3. Once a design form becomes apparent it’s defined as a “perfectly designed form” fit for specific purpose, in a realm of applications supported by environment(EVS) 
  4. Under this hypothesis: All said actions, fact, object formed as a by product of the first conceivable related product carrying a design form, coming into being for ‘specific purpose’  as  it relates to the species, inanimate objects, or environment of support.
  5. From the first conceivable design form coming into being, two said design forms has become apparent. From two comes a third.
  6. In Trinity : From one comes two, from two a third eventuates in where a linear application of eventuation and declinations then assured as the ‘product’ or ‘species' travel down a long time line of determination.


  1. From one comes two: I.e: Parthenogenesis
  2. The Bible preferring to the Ministry of Christ also describes this term as “Immaculate Conception.” 
  3. Parthenogenesis occurs naturally in many plants, some invertebrate animal species , including nematodes some species of Scorpions, Aphids and Bees as well as some Phasmida and wasps including fish species, amphibians ,reptiles and  to lesser and rare extent birds. This type of reproduction has been induced artificially in a few species including fish and amphibians.
  4. That which is not so apparent today may have been much more apparent in prehistoric times.

and that;

The automated and animated course of a design follows upon a previous premise accordingly as dictated by its form.The form of the design therefore is its own master able to direct  proceedings fit for purpose in an environment of support apparent at any given time.If a product is self perpetuating in design  form or in action, once conception take place  then the only question that needs to be served is “Where did the form playing out the effect  come from?” 

Where did the rock to line the river bed come from?

How could a river bed be formed in advance of the notion that water is a product that will be also formed to eventually run in the bed eventually?

Any question asked of any design form already conceived will all run back to arrive at the same place and same answer.TTOPD needs to discover; what is this place?

This seems to means that everything is “interconnected” when the correct and  more appropriate term  is “interactive.” Independent design forms becoming interactive with the EVS, produces species each carrying independent traits. But traits belong to each species and cannot be used to guide any aspect to deliver answers of conception of any species or inactive design form.

A marble made of glass is round. It sits  still on a perfect level. It rolls on an incline.No physical force  of any God  could make that marble not to roll (nobody could prove as much) 

The marble rolls because it is  round. The rolling effect is a direct result of the original design form being in the right environment of support. From an original design, comes a secondary effect. Self instigated act pertaining to motion. If one has motion, then one has factors of resistance and friction becoming apparent. From one comes “two” and form the “two” a third action will eventuate.

Should the marble smashes into a brick wall a third effect will become apparent, but no matter the net effect of such a “smash”  the particles that may eventuate, no matter how small could never return to the state from when it came; could never return to the sand and other material used to  create the marble.

The ‘sand’ here refers to the same exact grains of sand as per the shape, colour and size of each individual grain,as well as the structure making up each grain of sand from the inside,  and not just any ‘sand.’

Car,Plane,Dog,Horse,Rock,Tree,Human,Air,Water, etc if it carries pedigree or species as being a single tangible entity it cannot return to the state from where such a “product” emanated from;as per the virtues of an “exact” state.



  1. Example: The throwing of a ball with force attached dictates the automated course of the ball in where the ball itself is also animated within its travel.
  2. The ball heads towards an intended target and may do so while it’s moving and spinning which could result in the ball to veer from its  course slightly, greatly or hit the target directly.
  3. Throwing a stick may produce the same result. Even more so if the stick was refined and thus used for specific purpose.

A naturally conceived design once coming into formation cannot return to the exact position from whence it came.

  1. The throwing of a ball with force attached dictates the automated course of the ball in where the ball itself is also animated within its travel.
  2. To repeat and replicate the exact same throw is impossible and cannot be replicated but only duplicated to achieve the same result.
  3. The realm made up of atomic particles ensures that the exact course  being attempted, cannot be replicated.
  4. An adult cannot become a child , nor can it be born again.
  5. A copy of a photograph or text may be replicated up to a point, as a product designed not of its natural state but as designed by an intelligent being.
  6. The terms ‘exact replicate’ is therefore applied to means in 99.9999% of the time, for matter in space in one specific instance might lend to replication rather than copy.
  7. From one comes two may initially suggest replication process, “one” formed in a cold environment and “one” formed from such in  a hot environment of support , then it’s the, EVS  that would be used to define on how two products formed of each other may be different from each other.

Nothing is randomly applied, conceived or infinite by design. All things active or inactive that eventuate have “design”  for this reason there is no such thing as “infinity” and further; the number “zero” cannot be effectively applied efficiently.

The opening of a door for which leads to another door perpetually is not infinity , it’s a state pertaining to a situation; otherwise it could be argued that we are all a product of sub atomic particles and that we all ‘belong’ to an infinite realm.

To argue on such a merit will always leads to the same conclusion, which leads to the same road pertaining to the same answer being sought. 

Life formation and the realm of space is much more complex than the said minimal approach; and that is the true world of science,the use of the term  ‘infinity’ is plied to give a result to a sequences of a particular  event but , which always leads back in avoiding to provide answers to originating event. 

The flawed premise of  ‘big bang’ theory give us a start , but it also  gives us a quest to search for more answers to what preceded such a big bang; an answer which will never be found, when the starting premises pertaining to ‘conception’ is flawed.

  1. The throwing of a ball with force attached dictates the automated course of the ball in where the ball itself is also moving as a result.
  2. It’s the action of the force applied, and how it was applied, and where its was applied, as well as the shape of the ball, adds further to dictates the  travel and course of the ball in flight.
  3. To an ant caught floating on a twig in the middle of the Indian ocean , it may seem to be in an infinite realm. Mass of the ant and leaf  gives this impression. 
  4. A 500,000 Metric Ton Ultra light crude oil carrier on the other hand is so big that it is able to feel the difference in speed travelling with the rotation of the Earth as opposed in travelling against it. To the Carrier , the Indian ocean would not seem an infinite realm at all. Mass of the carrier will ensure as much.
  5. To the ant although displacement of water must be evident, it’s not  relevant enough to have an effect even if placed in a small lake, whereas placing the carrier is the same lake will have a noticeable effect at the lakes edge.Relevancy therefore is an important issues. I.e: Many small episodes in a realm harbouring small creatures or sub atomic particles  will produce big results.
  6. The product of space will always have an effect on all things in its realm, because space as a ‘product’ has structure and the said  structure is also constantly moving but does not have enough force to move bodies within it realm. Force is generated in space, by space itself to effect matters of its own being.  
  7. Space has structure thus it has design; it is  able to also move thus adding to the ideal of that, “Empty Space” is not a viable term.
  8. Empty or denuded space (D-Space) refers to the state of the Universe devoid of all matter  seen; of all Stars, Suns, Planets etc. 
  9. A denuded Universe  on the other hand, if it’s  not a “product” carrying design,  would be a mythical ‘place’ and of time, in where no structure is apparent. Such a ‘place’ cannot be made to exist, because such a place cannot be made apparent.
  10. To say that a denuded Universe could have existed is not hard to fathom as a matter pertaining to thought.To say that from nothing comes one, and from one came two, makes no sense. 
  11. We have an active universe as visually confirmed , when its denuded , then the state  that exists must also  be  a real state, albeit an inactive one but one which is not static. 

Preconception, conception, inception, eventuation, declination and extinction in order as stated deliver both the application of “time” line of all objects; of all things living, moving, carrying force,has temperature or is incepted as  being inanimate. These timeline and periods in time are called passages.



  1. The throwing of a ball with force attached dictates the automated course of the ball in where the ball itself is also moving as a result.
  2. The entity holding the ball prepares to throw the ball.The ball is produced. It is gripped,the throw is made at the  very moment the ball leaves the grip. The result of the throw is now self determined as per the environment of support(air)
  3. Speed is dictated by the force applied.
  4. The ball will attain terminal velocity and  run out of velocity in where on the realm that is Earth, gravity will barely contribute to declination of the throw. The throwing of the ball, its action which created the effect at the moment it hits the ground is extinguished  and can never be replicated again in it exact form. 
  5. The ball could be used again , but even here  it is in a different state however small I.e:  once new marks are applied on its skin , upon it hitting the ground.   


Lightning hits the ground and cause a bush fire, which eventually burns down bushland , forests, and homes. Lightening did not burn down the trees and homes, the bush fire did. The automated and independent process of the bush fire has become apparent when created. Pre conception of the bush fire occurred when the first dark rain clouds appeared.The bush caught fire easily  because it was very dry as the whole area of environmental support was also dry causing the fire to grow rapidly. 

Once incepting design form in an environment of support becomes progressive in where the shape may change but not the purpose of being. Unwanted fire burns and destroys homes in one environment, could produce  wanted products of steam and power in another.Not all lightening strikes cause fire.

Not all fires are destructive.What is destroyed, produces another  product, thus returned, in another form.  Without personal property being damaged, such a bush fire may indeed have support of the environment, in which case ‘purpose' has become apparent.

It is we humans who design products and expect nature to conform in supporting such alien products.  

Standing in front of a fast moving car, may cause serve injury to the humans design form or may even kill it.God or an intelligent force is not able to intervene of such matters is evident by the daily news reports of people being killed by I.e: cars, by acts of terrorism, arson, murder and the likes.

As it  actually happened. A cat drops from a 19th floor of  skyscraper in USA (Boston).It lands on the concrete footpath will all 4 legs and scampers away unhurt. 

Many proclaim the name of God and define the attributes of miracle. Science tells us all about resistance of air captured by the fur of the cat. Today, wing suited skydivers are becoming more prevalent. From one design form comes another whether of itself, or as influenced to others.

However, in my eyes I see more. 

Did this particular cat  harbour within it genes,and thus brain,  remnants and  traits of a totally different animal in prehistory which mastered height or could fly, now delivers an aspect not pertaining to evolution, but  pertaining to the process of declination and  extinction of one species,  in where such contributed a part of itself to another, before the extinction process finally took place, via the process defined as “cell” transference? A type of transference which the brain of one species has ability to accept. I’ve have seen a Hippopotamus act like Dolphin. I have seen a dog stalk intently like a Tiger. I’ve seen brown Bears act like humans and  humans act like animals.

If all the processes held in the brains of all the animals found on Earth could be made to fit into one brain in where each unit has neurones  interconnected, and if such a brain could be reduced in size, we would arrive at the brain of the human being. The interactive process of such bodies holding such brains,  would be refined accordingly - over time. The independent aspect of all thought generated by animals therefore in part could be found in humans, as manifested by the action cause to the physical design form the brain is attached to. This now suggests that The human design form eventually was born from all  kinds of  animals in where animal 200 plus a which became apparent from others,  has the direct lineage to the Human design form of today. The name of this animal?(later) 


A form of design therefore once incepted is able to progress under its own means under its own rules of inception and may even harbour other inherited elements within, not readily apparent in its normal state. The independent albeit limited nature of all individual design forms are very apparent.

The lightening strike is an independent act of an independent  design form and product.

The bush which caught fire is an independent design form and product.

These are tangible design forms. 

The independent interaction rather than  interconnectivity of  one design forms  produces a second and ultimately a third effect. From clouds, to lightening;  leads to fire. The inception of fire will take it course as per its perfect  design is able to. The outcome of the fire is  therefore predicable if the nature of its inception is understood as taken by what the design form of the fire is able to do.


Therefore from “one” design form and product comes one other.

Rule: From one comes two, from which a third is incepted.

In asexual reproduction, an individual design form can reproduce without involvement with another individual of that species is already a well know fact of science as observed from  creatures on Earth.

1)Let 1 = A (Fire)

2)Let A (Fire) = 1 (Fire)

3)Let (1+A) = 1A (Fire)

We cannot add the lightening as being a part of the fire as lightening also has its independent sate of conception.Lightening is an interactive not an interconnected process related to the fire, only when the fire has started. 

From one fire, 3 other spot fires acting independently could also come into effect if wind and thus ‘environment of support’ were apparent. Even though the same design form is apparent, separate results could now also prevail.  From one comes 2, and from 2 a third will be incepted.

Hot  =  1

Cold =  1

Hot and Cold = 1+1

(a) 1+1=2 and 2+1=3 and 3+1=4 3+2=5

(b) 2+2=4  and  4+2=6 and 4+2+2=8 

(c) 8+8=16 and…

and so forth and so on;

“Hot” and “cold” is not a fixed value once apparent when delving in the realm of temperatures. A Temperature range  can vary greatly once incepted from conception  thus its effect could also produce varying results.Species meandering and branching off the main lineage will also produce a different species based on nothing more than changes to temperature 

(a) A single hen lays in time fertilised eggs in a paddock.

(b) Chicks are eventually produced; one is a Rooster(male)

(c) Some of the  offspring are raised  in a barn the other remain free to roam in the paddock.

(d) Both species may seem to be a carbon copy of each other but; 

(e) Both chickens are different because the environment of support at birth was different. 

(f) The Rooster  besides matter of inbreeding, being raised in the barn, mates once more with the chickens now  in the paddock.

(g) Even though the very same species are apparent on the outside,  on the inside ,some small change might have become apparent.I.e raising some chicken in a barn, of those born outside may produce more eggs or better eggs outside than in the barn. Many small indifferences over  millions of years produces big results.   

(g) The age old question on how the first chicken came to be has to be first answered  before the above scenario could hold reasonable validity.The species we know as “chickens” may have indeed commenced life in a nest located on some rock formation or a tree in where later receptive parts of the brain to do with flight may have been complimented with receptive neurones to do with walking in where the virtues of flying although intact is overwhelmed with the urge not to fly.There is no reason why a chicken could not fly, but plenty of reason why  walking over a great period of time,  will produce chicken that will not fly. This now infers that the species of bird  we know as chick or emu  and the likes may have made union with a species of animal which cannot fly, hence “from 2 came a third species.”  

The further back we go in the realm of prehistory time frame, the more prevalent such matters of same sex reproduction and defective genes become apparent, not only for the animal kingdom but that of the humanoid species in particular.

  1. The throwing of a ball with force attached dictates the automated course of the ball in where the ball itself is also moving as a result. Such only demonstrates the purpose of use, it does not deliver to disclose in any manner from where did the ball come from as a product. 
  2. There is no apparent evidence in any form to reveal that the white painted stitched leather of the ball came from the hide of a cow, nor will it deliver from where such a cow came into being once it is discovered that the ball is made of leather.
  3. Scientists today often make the mistake in extracting ideals from  the design form to arrive at a conclusion based upon an assumption that all things in nature are ‘inter-connected.’ 
  4. I.e: It may be true that climate change is upon us, but taxing carbon will not change such aspects of weather. It will make money for many others, but it will not change the course of the weather.
  5. It could be that the weather needs to change  because the mechanism of weather  has  purpose to change  I.e: An atmosphere laden with added Carbon could be a precursor to a looming  change; I.e: in that the Sun is about to initiate a process ; extra Carbon in the atmosphere, may be needed to protect Earth from a dramatic  increase in the Sun’s activity. 
  6. A product of the Sun absorbed by the Earths core at one time , to produce changes in the often said ‘electromagnetic field’  in another time could be the way such a change could be triggered and hence eventuated ‘all on its own’ based wholly on this one interactive process. 
  7. In any case; Carbon realised by industry  is literally not measurable  when compared with the amount of  natural Carbon and heat which was released when the Earth’s formation  was ‘settling’ billion of years ago, millions of year ago, and  today due to Volcanic activity (and two atomic bombs) 
  8. Therefore a decline in vocalic activity, is a decline in the stability and  healthy state of Earth.
  9. Matters of health in humans is what dictates on why industrial pollution needs to be reduced, an issue not relevant when creatures where forming on the surface of Earth  and living on Earth up to 1900 ( Circa : advent of industrial revolution) 
  10. And that the declination of Earth  and its state,  is apparent the moment Volcanic  activities become less prevalent in where the aspect  delivers evidence that cooling of the Earth core will also become apparent.

The said raging fire destroying homes and forests cannot return to the exact state of the burning bush in its original design form, because under the rules of the TTOPD, a design form once eventuated cannot return to the ‘exact’ state form whence it came, gives reference to the idea that once any form is incepted , such carries within its form  the ability to appear, in where once it appears, this in itself defines a forward movement in that; where once there seemed to be ‘nothing’ something has become ‘apparent.’

Once a design formed is eventuated, it to cannot go back from whence it came.This ideal is best described as follows in the physical realm of application;

Once a cup of sugar  flows from a cup, onto a heap,  it cannot be placed back into the cup in the exact position each grain of sugar held before such was released.The best science and minds could not conduct such a feat.Science could only use “scientific means” to recreate the event. 

A bomb cannot be reconstructed to what it was before denotation.

A duck cannot return to conception.

Humans could return to the ‘cave’ but the said cave and situation for returning to such would a lot different today to that the preceding pre historical ancestors, thus in essence the rule remains intact.

The term refers to returning the design form to the exact position  prior to conception and inception and is also a rule of replication in that;  while  similar attributes of two grains of sugar may readily be apparent,it is not possible to magnify such gains under a microscope and deliver two exact  naturally occurring grains of sugar from all the grains of sugar found on Earth. 

No two trees are exactly the same, no two leaves from all the  same species of tree can deliver two exact naturally occurring leaves carrying exact design form. Even if “in theory” such could exist , it could not be found to disprove this aspect of “replication.”

Many embryos of differing species may indeed look the same at conception,but they are not exactly the same.In the passages of time being defined measured in  millions of years, even a small minute difference  much less than the size of a pinhole  could produce a big different once the embryo develops, which actually lends to reinforce the idea that the importance of a design form.

A thousand lengths of dressed pine palings all commenced the same way. Some will be plain some will carry great markings of grain , no two will be exactly the same , yet when stacked and look at from a distance they all seem ‘exactly’ the same.

From such palings , floors will be laid , frames will be made, tables and chairs will be made,  fences will be formed, bulky type of furniture of differing of design form will eventuated; by mans ability to craft such forms from such a timber type.

A thousand  dressed palings made from Balsa wood will also produce the same effect if the purpose of use if correctly applied,  and yet even though both come from tress and both share properties similar to each other, the purpose of use of such Balsa wood will dramatically change, especially in matters applied  where  bearing of a load and durability now delivers its true form not readily apparent at conception but much more so apparent at eventuation, the bedfellow, of which is ‘progress.’ 

To say that all trees share similar characteristic of formation does not means all said trees will share the very same characteristics as “being fit for purpose” due to its design at conception.

Like the similar state of embryos at conception, it seems that the original design form of the first fully defined species of  tree lent of itself to other species of tress.

It seems  that from the first design form of a living creature, beyond the state of microbes or bacteria,  the first human species “borrowed” from an originating design form via another species so as to commence its own independent process of delivering a life form uniques to its self. The similarities of the fertilisation process of eggs, spores, of mammals within many species  and the likes,  is also apparent yet the resulting conception will be different.

In effect  the starting process may have been borrowed much later after life forms have already been flourishing for some time as a direct effect of the process related to the passages in time in where  the process of extinction  prevailed in also getting rid of other embryonic deign form; in where a primary form of conception prevailed from a base design model pertaining to the design form similar to that of a  human embryo. The embryo design form may seem the same in many species, but receptive keyways  must be apparent in where fertilisation was later  accepted and in where the action of one produced a result in where two part of a matching process produced at inception, a specific design form.     

The conceptual test  would follow;

  1. Where  visual inspection at sight of any object that seems to be the same, and that; magnification of the surface will delivery a different perspective.
  2. If magnification of the surface does not deliver any change no matter how slight, then a cross section is taken in where a visual inspection of the inside area of the object or product is taken, which will delivery the final test.
  3. Why embryos carry so much similarities amongst the current species  must be answered before any application of evolution could be legitimately applied.
  4. It’s all too common and indeed an unacceptable protocol to apply, as often applied by scientists,  in describing events in pre historic history from a starting premise based on a specific period in time in where sequence of events are then applied to deliver the final result applicable to this era. 

The mechanism available on Earth to test earthly object and products  do no apply to atomic particles and peers of such, because in all things, it’s the original form at preconception which has yet to form inception of a product and in where in the formation that is outer space,in where no condition exist to define preconception, also defines an untainted  state, and hence a state where replication of ‘one’ is the whole, and from the whole another is product if formed different ‘from whence it came’ now describes the attributes of this rule as it pertains to particles and not  the process of replication.

It has been observed that how it applies on Earth , the opposite effect applies in space in inverted mechanisms are in play  opposite to those used on Earth.

We have gravity. Space does not but could feel the effect of such  gravity as created by a planet.Design product react differently in Earth than is pace is also another verifiable  distinct feature of the EVS

Water is found over all over the planet. Condensation makes it reach to the sky where it returns on Earth as rain. The form of delivery has changed, the final result is the same - water. 

The In Trinity effect thus can also apply to matter of formation, even though water is returned, it returned due to the  effect of the original design form being apparent, in this sense water even though the quality of such may vary is indeed only  ‘one product.’

  1. There are many examples to indicate and suggest that what eventuates on Earth, the opposite eventuates in deep space.
  2. Replication of a design form however can only be apparent  from preconception to inception and that from the perspective as taken on Earth currently, going back to the commencement of time, delivers the idea that everything we know  space and Earth to be, can only be , if events at preconception have become apparent.
  3. This now speaks for its self in that;  a period in time the further we go back in time , will arrive as a state  in where a preconception is thought to be a  state, in where the status is one of “immaculate conception.” 
  4. If the mind of a modern Homo Sapien species can construe the idea of an “immaculate conception" as a basis of religion dogma, as it pertains to the inter alia Ministry of Christ, as being an acceptable ideal, then the scientific community should be able to accept the same idea at (2) above.
  5. It does seem many aspects of the bible,and the contributors to such were  highly creative thinkers, seeking answers to the very same question some of us are now seeking.
  6. In Genesis 2.22: Her husband was Adam, from whose rib God created her to be his companion.
  7. TTOPD at (4) above now defines this aspect to be that the reproductive process was indeed transferred from the  male of  species which eventually came  be known as the child bearing female of the species.
  8. To try to prove  that  Homo Sapien species is a direct decedent of  the family Hominidae all because of similarities of the design form is a wrong conclusion. To do the same of any creature is also a wrong approach.
  9. Accordingly looking for the ‘missing link’ under such conclusions is also a flawed applications there is no single link but a whole interactive process.
  10. The finding of a  fossilised prehistoric  Lizard wedged between  Red Lime slats ( Bavaria)  in where impression of feathers are also apparent , does not lend its self to mean that some 9000 species of all birds in this era emanated directly from the lizard species. To assume as much is wrong. 

A simile is not a replication of a product, it’s a good copy of a product well suited to the species or type it is enacting with.

Only unnatural design forms as made by humans can come close to exact replication ‘as it seems to the eye’ and that  deep analysis and scrutiny can deliver to evidence flaws and deliver only  duplication of a process. In any case only human intervention can produce and create  duplication of an original design form, as created intentionally.Nature does not intentionally produce duplication of a process in that , the process is immediately apparent and available once inception of the product is apparent.


A form harbouring design can only move forward in time or demise in time.

The small bush fire can become gigantic, it can reach a peak , and it will consume everything in it path  and eventually reduce in size, and vanish. It will also leave Carbon behind, the very same Carbon needed to rebuilt the grass and forest the fire consumed.

To surrender one viable form to produce another viable form often will produce another viable product.

So there is evidence to suggest that declination and extinguishment of  a product as per the design is holds, is a required process of progress and that extinction of one form is able to bring forth another design form.

The Earth  is able to mend  its self, it cannot mend damage done not of its own making, it can only intervene and force change, to produce a design form  via the damage caused, in effect forcing such change as to eliminated outright,  or to be  embraced if such is a benefit to the environment of support.

EVS also means the eventual “destruction of the weakest”  is also be an inherited feature of the EVS. Nature has no control on what will be produced as design once formed follows its own natural course. The product is incepted, and tested. It survives because it has support to survive in the long term ,  or becomes extinct because its purposes it not viable in the short term in where the product often leaves something behind that may be worthy for use by another species.   

Other bush fires are caused by lightning strikes , but the design  form of each is always different and can never be repeated. The mechanism of perfect design is apparent in nature is one aspect of a perfect world, defects and all.

Take a barren island with only water and place on such a mixture of carnivorous animal found  Earth in lots of 10, not related to insects, what will eventuate is that the species at the beckoning of hunger will start to feed on others,until the dominant; last 10 of the species ,the fittest of the species  remains, in where such will start a killing each other to feed on each others until one animal is left. The one animal left is the one animal which actually dies of starvation. 

Survival of the “fittest” in the realm of bacteria and microbes does not work as a viable premises to enact upon the mechanism of progress ; like wise, as it applies  to all incepted  species including Human. Fore a world to now harbour 7 billion people and in where because of farming, there are more animals on Earth than any other period in time, now suggest that “we are all” fit if  survival determines the status. This does not sport the premise of “survival of the fittest” but does support the idea that the weak shall perish in allowing other species to test surviving. Declination better known as death or extinction is the mechanism which expresses which species  live to thrive  and who dies when they can no longer thrive. 

On our island example: If the last animal standing is a crocodile,then the ability of the crocodile to swim off the island to  another, is a viable prospect.The effect on being a “weaker species” in the above premises describes those creatures which cannot swim off the island, and thus delivering the idea that the crocodile only survived because it had the added ability to swim and not because it was the “fittest” of the species able to survive because of their own ‘enhanced’ position of strength.


In living creatures the same autonomous application are independently in play even though such application meanders with the applications nature offers in each and every aspect of any perfect design form; its status is independently asserted. 

Nature exists to give overriding support to only each and every form which eventuates. Nature has connectivity if activity  c support the connection with the independent  form once such is eventuated as having specific purpose, as evidenced by the design it supports. 

Bears  don't fly , birds do. But birds are not born in the open air of the sky. Birds are born on land. Fish are able to live in the sea or in fresh water, but the creature which  established its design form to live in water , came from land.

The idea that amphibians came form the sea, to delve deep into the jungle to eventually become a species of lizard is assuming that water in the form of seas and oceans have been first established as a viable EVS.

The much said ‘super continent’ which eventually split apparently to produce a rough settlement of land mass to form the countries on Earth in this era also assumes water was apparent at a such a time and makes the added assumption that the Earth and crust was in a state of flux or displacement is also implied again based on flimsy kind of evidence that “ If  ancient life form  is found way above sea level” then the sea must have at one time been at such a level is another misunderstanding.

Arriving at assumptions based on some kind of evidence in one form is an incorrect method to arrive at such assumptions, especially when such assumption are arrived at, in where purpose is forced to comply with assumptions made.

For instance, it may be that the often much said ‘continental plates’ in some parts of the globe may have clashed in where at the point of such an impact, a mountain range like those defined as the Ural Mountains (Russia) may have been incepted. 

It’s wrong to infer that all mountains were formed in such a manner.The formation of mountains were already at the stage of conception at the time the Earth itself was forming because ‘mountains’ by design compliment such formation rules.

Mountain were not formed of plates crashing, they are formed because of another event occurring deep within the Earths core.

To have a mountain range “appear"  because of crashing plates in where the tallest is I.e: 8 kilometres high means that area in forming the mountain  was surrendered at the shoreline which bounds of the country where such mountains exist. While such matter may be dismissed  as it rates to Nepal, no so when you are talking about countries like Italy , Greece or even Spain.

Take all the mountain ranges on Earth and flatten such would produce much more land mass, than first suggested under the auspices of a super continent, when plates did not yet exit, and hence mountains did not exist. So are scientist suggesting that no mountains existed when the Earth harboured a super continent?   

The independent state of mountain formation as we know today, can only  formally be completed  after oceans and seas have been formed, after  formation of weather patterns  are established and have become stable.

The clash of a continental plate of plates,is one independent action. The formation of Earth is another. The formation of one compliments  the other because (if) the EVS allows  such formations to co-exist for specific purpose  which may not be evident at conception but may become relevant at inception and during eventuation as other independent “forces” come into being a firm or  fixed state.   

TTOPD states that Earth crust displacement now, or in prehistory cannot eventuate, nor could have  occurred in that; too many variables,  existed to define that a sound theory is in place, nor does fixed land connect at its bed by a crusty foundation  move  as described in such a theory. Land which was formed on a solid base by extraordinary volcanic activity, leading over water  will be able to break away, but such land is unable to “float” and would have to be ‘long enough’,‘wide enough’ and ‘high enough’ above  a sea level at any given time to be able to break away  in where parts of such land mass would we eroded away and eaten by the sea leaving behind a more stable and fixed land mass.

When scientist talk about the breaking away of land mass, they are meant to be describing land mass  which is connected to and attached to the Earth crust. 

Often scientist take a guess , then apply appropriate maths to suite the guess especially when it has to do with matters of the inner core. 

If a land mass is able to ‘come to rest’ in the Southern Hemisphere, after breaking away from a “super continent”  then the suggestion could only be that; the land mass above “sea level” and section of the crust it is attached with, had developed gapping cracks  in where the section crust now breaking away,  as a plate is now able to move freely  floating on a bed of Magma, to resettle else where over time. This now opens up a whole lot of the questions  non more so that one in particular.  

The obvious question such a theory leaves unanswered is that if the crust splits so wide; what material  is used to fill in the exposed area of the split and fully opened section of  crust, now floating in away to take on  huge distances before settling; as per I.e:  in the case of the continent Australia.  

We can’t use the rationale that water filled in these gaps in where sentiments then formed  new sea beds fusing with the underlying magma bed. One need to first provide linking logic to at least give credence that water filled oceans  were created or existed at this period in time. 

In any case vast volumetric measure of  water rushing into such wide open gaps exposing the mantel suddenly or over time  would have generated massive amounts of energy in the  form of  super heated saturated steam and later deadly pools of Sulphuric acid and associated gases if only fresh water prevailed , and Chorine/Sulphur  based gases if salt water was apparent. No  viable life could cause to prevail in such a poisonous environment.

It must also be assumed that beside water, rotation of the Earth  was also evident as the effect of inertia would have an effect on such vast platforms of land being shifted.   

Yet we are often told that related species have found there way form the originating country to other countries detached  from the main land mass i.e: detached from the so called  “Gwandanaland” and this is the reason given, why such species exists elsewhere and thus leading to the added precept of ‘floating’ plates.

Dark Matter is at the centre of Earths core, followed by  molten metals there after. It expands and contracts from formation, 3 time to current timeline, before settling and in where declination now appears eminent  in  next few hundred years as evidenced by  declining volcanic activities world wide.

As Volcanic activity dies so will is the Earth die.


To much energy stored in such Dark Matter feeding off the Sun deposits of Neutrino’s that such Dark Matter swells and will  eventually need to be vented.

The said  mass swelling happened some time after conception of Prima Montis. It happened  one time more  mid history of Earth’s development and will happen once more to announce the declination of Earth.   

A small centre of energy at the Earths core evenly pushing out, while pressure of its surroundings,  pushes inwards, means the greatest power will prevail. Dark Matter expands all at once and in doing so compressive energy formed of its action,  seeks out the weakest points on the earths surface,  as Dark Matter now causes indirectly  molten rock  to be pressed and hence pushed out towards such weaken points on the Earth’s crust, from within, to create mass volcanic mountains and mountain ridges on the surface  of the planet after formation of Earth at conception. 

These ranges  do not look like your classical independent stand alone Volcano.

Such ridges and ranges cool and form long wide mountain ranges found on the planet today. 

In effect any ridge following a split on the Earths Surface could produce opposing peaks to  travel tens or hundreds of miles on the surface,  in where at the gap between such peaks  an elongated cauldron of hot lava  would be visible. 

In where individual active volcano exist today , such are not produced from the same activities as that cause by the swelling of Dark Matter, such are caused by large dense material floating around between the Mantel and outer core in where when pressed up nearby vents, the mass injects hot lava into the flues running all the way up to the surface of the Earth which too could also form individual mountains over time if such volcanoes become in-active.

Each time the Earth Dark Matter located at the exact centre of the Earths core evenly swells the planet expands dramatically until the pressure is relieved as a very fast rate due to the massive size of these relief valves. Once relieved, the surface material starts to fall back except now  the crust, not being fully  split wide opened at many sections at great depths, also  start to fill in from the rubble created at expansion which fills is these huge cracks, allowing time to find settlement of the whole event  in due course except now the Earth has grown exponentially by 16 percent or more in actual size from conception at Montis.

The expansion of the planet is the main contributor in the placement of  land mass on the surface of the planet as we know such to be today. 

Conception here is about conception of Earth and not of Montis itself of which its conception is described later.

From Earth formation to current timeline,  three such events needs to take place before declination of Earth commences. 2 of these earthly life extinction level  events have now passed, and describes the period of conception and eventuation of the actual body of the planet as such eventuated in the first 2.5 billion years of formation or less. 

This now means  water and the coming forth of a life form could only commence once the preparation at pre conception of the surface of the Earth  has been completed. 

Smaller  venting of pressure will occur from time to time but not as dramatic as the first and second  time occurrences, because as the surface of the Earth  expanded so did the core and thus space available harbouring dark matter became greater as well.


A lot more Dark Matter needs to be stored before the Earth surface will expand again.A Neutrino enters the DM core it expels its energy,leaving behind the purest form of energy as D-Space.

This is what D-space is ; compressed energy which when released, upon each realise, produces active spaces and the supporting “framework” of such.  

Such smaller vetting in any time line  may clause localised  life extinction level events, such an event is able to  destroy large creatures while ensuring smaller creature are able to still to survive.There kind of  eruptions are more the workings  of independent Volcanoes by nature and are different to the events of DM.  I.e; large rock raining down for a red sky, measure in millions of tonnes at any given time  would wipe out large creatures because such large creature are easy targets to hit, while ensuring smaller creature and insects could survive. This event is a volcanic event. 

I have seen may  picture of fossilised Dinosaur bones, many were fragmented and broken as if broken as a part of the decaying process, where a closer look at where such bones were often found revealing large amount of rocks in it bounds,  varying in size which are not given any scrutiny.

But to wipe out on mass  “Dinosaurs” at a particular location  another method must have been apparent after matter of starvation  took its toll. Such Dinosaurs were gassed. 

When the energy of Sun is great, greater amounts of Neutrino’s in mass, are formed. They travel through space and solid objects, in where  a stream of such,  a fraction of such,  passes through the Earths core continually. Neutrinos are able to pass  right through  the Earth, except its laden dark matter centre.

Here Neutrinos however small their size may be are caught, literally captured by dark matter. Saturation occurs, and venting needs to apply in realm where temperatures and pressure are extreme.

Current Earth core studies suggest that  temperature is about 5,700 K (5,430 °C; 9,800 °F) at the centre of the Earth core; if Iron were use as the basis to form the calculable factors.  

The pressure in the Earth's inner core is slightly higher than it is at the boundary between the outer and inner cores on the same basis in where pressure ranges from about 330 to 360 gigapascals (3,300,000 to 3,600,000 atm) give or take (48496631 to 52905415 Psi)

To put this is other perspective ; about 23,000 Metric Tons of pressure per every square inch. 

This may be the case in region if the medium were iron and admixtures of other metals. However the  hypothesis suggests that The inner core as we think the state of such may be; has another core made of  very dense and heavy dark matter 1 metre in diameter in where no any other form of heat (energy)  bigger than a neutrino in size is able to be collected. 

When  collected  the Neutrino releases / expels  its energy to the outside  of the this Dark matter core, as it enters the realm of dark matter,stripped of its main  energy source,  adding to the heat value already present in the metallic bases inner core, which becomes less at the outer core and less at the Mantel and even less  on the surface once such it’s released in the form of lava which carries within it bounds a surface temperature of around, as liquid, temperatures averaging between 700  to 1,200 °C (1,292 to 2,192 °F) allowing the lava to retain viscosity because of its  heated value, which exceeds  water by a factor of around 100.

Dark Matter once placed under pressure of the material making up the planet including the weight of water filled  oceans, has a temperature which is cold. How cold? The DM core is as cold compared to the coldest place possible that could be found not in a lab, but in actual active space, but not so when the realm of D-space is apparent in where in this state D-Space is hot.

At first time expansion of the Montis  DM expands  when ice is apparent not water.

At second stage Earth, pre Dinosaur’s at Prima Vita  stage DM expands when water is now abundant. 

At thirds stage of DM expansion, said Earth’s declination now fast becoming due will become apparent as the pressure on the Earths surface has increased due to rising water levels at a time when the current realm and size of the DM core has become saturated with neutrinos in where an expansion event becomes due. This excess pressure and added compression, while more and more neutrino are tying to enter its mass, slowly prevents the DM Core to “beat” until it stops 

The body of Dark Matter beats just like a heart does, except it ‘heart rate” is far greater.It takes a cycle of 6 hours from deflation to expansion and 6 hours more to deflate once more.  

Upon accepting neutrino’ type of photons carrying heat and  upon it surrendering such heat or energy source, upon entering the realm of dark matter (DM) , the DM Core deflates, as more Neutrinos hit the surface  of the DM Core it reflates while the inner core becomes hotter. This is the  effect causing  the DM to beat. 

It is when no more neutrinos are able to be accepted by the core, the core stops at the peak of expansion  to unleash a mass of “cold fusion” type of stored energy at the same time in where the 1 metre diameter DM core for one moment at Montis stage expands to 1,500,000 times its original size. 

This is what happened at Earth conception  at a period time measured in millions of year there after Montis in where the actually expansion of DM is instantaneous as is its effect felt on the surface. 

This forces the inner core to take up a percentage of the shock created at time of expansion in where momentarily its heat value dramatically increases. The  inner core  now pressing on the outer core transfers the remaining  viable energy form  until it travels to the surface, in where the weakest points our are found and held until the expanding surface area simply cannot hold such energy what would otherwise rip the planet apart.

Massive elongated ridges peer at the surface of the planet some kilometres in height in where a mass evacuation of lave from the mantel has found it ways to the surface due to the remaining energy not absorbed by the planet is  now needing a way out.

Ridges  kilometres long and height in various  location on the planet surface flushed out like a jet engine, rather than  blowing out under some kind of explosion often seen  when depicting the  pending explosion of a volcano I.e: Mount St Helen , because the expansion of the whole planet opened up massive cracks all the way breaching the  crust to barely expose the mantel. 

Columns of Magma tens or hundreds of  kilometres wides and long where flushed upwards towards a cloudless non atmospheric sky,so great was its pressure that the Earth actually start to rotate after a week of this flushing first began and tilt at the Ural Mountain  ranges and /  or other similar ranges located in the Northern hemisphere;  in where a rudimentary axis and first time rotation of the planet started to be created. 

This new suggest  3 such flushing  event occurred at the same time on the planet at mid latitude and one event at the northern aspect  which cause the tilt.A planet already rotation will need less force to create a tilt.

The said columns of heated metals produced hydrogen as iron particles  rather than lumps;simply dissolved, to release said hydrogen, the heat also created vast amounts of super heated steam in where Hydrogen and Oxygenation of the planet had begun as ice and not water  also became a part of the whole process being  eventuated at conception.

Ice not so much as formed on the base material consisting of the ‘Prima Montis’ which was conceived long before these events via another process, but ice  as delivered to the Prima Montis by another means as later described.

Unlike normal lava temperature, the expansion of Dark Matter raised the temperature of the whole, planet dramatically in where the viscosity of material being flushed is higher than normal lava. As the inner core compressed so did the heat values rise in where some mental were able to be dissolved reaching the surface area in a gaseous state. Later at stage two expansion occurred at least 1 billion years before  the first Dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Stage 3 expansion is already due.This time the  Earth will expand once more by 11%, sea level will fall by 11% many land masses will disappear, all life on Earth will be destroyed and the planet  will be partly sanitised.Life will thrive once more and civilisation will start up much quicker on the left over  “remnant of the past” and will be the last human life form as we know it,  as this is the species of human which will colonise spaces as this Earth slowly declines.


The fourth stage of expansion will cause the Earth to rip apart.


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